**** The Stage   
**** British Theatre
**** East Midlands Theatre   
**** Not Compulsory
***** What’s Good To Do

(c) Robert Day

‘a spellbinding and beautiful seasonal show’  The Stage

‘the perfect way to start the festive season’ British Theatre Guide

‘this very fine production hits the spot perfectly for audience members of all ages.’ Ripley and Hearnor News

‘this much-loved festive story warmed my heart from the very second it started’  What’s Good to Do

‘everything an ensemble show should be, a joy to watch’  Theatre World

‘the whole thing is one moving, colourful, big-hearted treat.’ Theatre World

‘a perfectly executed piece of theatre’ Artsbeat

‘Oliver O’Shea clearly and intuitively has the enjoyment of young children in mind in his direction of this Dickens’ classic’ Not Compulsory  

‘a heart-warming, family-friendly antidote with story-telling at its heart’ East Midlands Theatre

‘plenty of surprises, high emotion and genuine scares’ British Theatre

‘the best thing I have seen in a long time!’ Boom Magazine


**** What’s On Staffordshire

(c) Robert Day)

‘truly a triumph and sets the standard when it comes to reimagining Shakespeare for a 21st century audience’ What’s On Staffordshire

‘a real must-see production, exhibiting the very best of our greatest playwright while simultaneously overflowing with originality. This Merchant Of Venice is gut-wrenching, funny and captivating: everything, in fact, that Shakespeare should be – and plenty more besides’   What’s On Staffordshire 

‘powerful and thought-provoking’ Express and Star

‘superb acting propels this classic show to a whole new level’  Express and Star


(c) Dan Cashdan

‘In Oliver O’Shea’s imaginative production, with Nicola Bradley lively and resourceful as Nora, it blends the absurdist comedy and serious insights into the inner life of young people.’     What’s On Stage

‘there is also a great deal to recognise in Spacewang’s view of the realm between childish imagination and the painful reaches of self-deception.’      The York Press

‘it is more than touching seeing phase-to-phase a damaged girl’s unstoppable source of hope.’     oneandother.com